Why don't you have other payment option except PayUMoney and C.O.D.?

We're a fresh startup and we're currently in the process of getting this service and it will probably take around one month. So we'll be ready by end of February. Till then we encourage you to use Cash on delivery or PayUMoney (it's safe and also beneficial for payments on other websites).

Do you ship outside India?

At the moment we don't as we're still in the process of getting payment gateway. And as soon as it's done we'll be shipping globally (more than 100 countries). International market is at same priority for us as Indian market because our main goal is to boost the global appearance of Kullu Shawls. We'll be ready by the end of February. Can’t wait till then? Get in touch with us.

How do we know that your products are 100% authentic handmade as you claim?

We don’t have any indicator or hallmark at the moment but here is something most of you probably don’t know:. State Government has declared sale of any factory made shawls in the name of Kullu Shawls illegal. And violation of breaking this rule attracts 2 Lakh rupees as fine. And the fact that we are an online platform with global appearance, make it difficult to violate this rule. Plus our primary goal is to endorse and support handmade Kullu Shawls and that’s what we are doing. So there is no question of doing something that hurts our heritage.

Is myuniquecart.com is all about Kullu Shawls?

In one word: No. It’s true that Himalaya Unique lifestyle was envisioned with the idea of endorsing Kullu shawls and providing a huge range of shawls online which we’re continuously striving for and that’s why myuniquecart.com was built. But it’s more than that. Myuniquecart.com is primarily about handmade products (anything that is handmade, comes under our interest area) because our major goal is to empower individual craftsmen and women who don’t get much exposure in the market and make such products available to those who usually don’t have access to but care for handmade things. So Himalaya Unique Lifestyle is not just about making profit but also about empowering people who have talent and skills in this area.