About Us

MyUniquecart.com an online store by Himalaya Unique Lifestyle

www.Myuniquecart.com is an online clothing store by Himalaya Unique Lifestyle based at Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. We are a small startup founded with a vision of promoting handicrafts and handmade clothing. Currently we are dealing only in Handmade Kullu Shawls and Stoles but soon we'll be expanding to full fledged men's and women's clothing. Our mission is to become a sole platform for all those talented weavers and craftsmen/women who doesn't get much exposure in commercial market.

Our current range of product include:

  • Handmade kullu shawls, stoles
  • Sheep wool shawls, stoles
  • Angora wool shawls, stoles

We are helping people get authentic handmade material right at their doorstep. Handmade industry faces a huge competition from factory made replicas which affects our weavers and also those who are interested in buying authentic handmade Kullu Shawls and clothing. So promoting authentic handmade clothing is our sole purpose.